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Small Mediums at Large
March, 2005
Review by by Karen Schechner

Terry Iacuzzo, columnist for CosmoGirl!, is the psychic to an undisclosed list of big-wig clients. Here she wryly describes growing up in a Sicilian-American family of fortune-tellers. Her brother Frank Andrews was the go-to seer of the '70s and has read some very famous palms (e.g. John Lennon, Princess Grace, Andy Warhol). Iacuzzo's sister, Rosemary, is similarly blessed, and their clairvoyant mother informs on philandering neighborhood husbands. Iacuzzo tells a likable coming-of-age story that's as much about the all-too-familiar topic of family abuse (during her mother's kinder moments she tells her kids, "Go play on the Thruway!") and an Orange Sunshine-infused exploration of self and sexuality in 1960s and '70s Greenwich Village as it is about Tarot cards, ectoplasm, and chronicles of death and destruction foretold. Think a female Augusten Burroughs (she, too, is queer) but with psychic powers. Iacuzzo has a great ear for dialogue and seamlessly weaves together background music, conversation, and interior monologue while advising clients: "Go see the doctor"; "You may be a waitress now, but I see you and you're a lawyer in State Supreme Court"; "Enron? If you buy that, you'll lose everything." When not bogged down with family histrionics, and with "the Magic Eight Ball never far from reach," Iacuzzo capably renders ghost story gold.