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"A friend of mine gave me Terry's number and said that it was a number he didn't hand out lightly. "Don't ask questions just call her," he told me. And I did. On that rainy day ten years ago, Terry entered my life and nothing has been the same since. I went in, not expecting much. After all, psychics are for entertainment, right? Wrong. Every single thing Terry said to me proceeded to come true. Not the next day, but in time."
- Atoosa Rubenstein
Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine
Creator of CosmoGirl!

"I was thrilled when I heard that Terry was writing a book. The psychic world, in which she operates as the consummate professional, is mysterious, intriguing, alluring. It is almost arrogant to say you do or do not believe in such phenomena as predicting the future, or reading into a person's past. Terry has done both, and been right on target, for many people. Who knows where her gift comes from? I would love to read what a psychic says about how she sees and feels the world-- to say nothing of what she sees that most of us miss."
- Dominique Browning
Editor-in-Chief of House & Garden magazine

"Terry Iacuzzo is a fascinating, fragile, fugitive from a future universe where all is one. She speaks from this place weaving wit and wisdom into webs we barely grasp but totally recognize. Mystic, guide, shaman, seer, translator of lost tongues, Terry is someone who truly embodies "the bigger picture." Thousands of times I've witnessed her traverse inner and outer worlds, strange universes and multi-dimensional dreamscapes like a tightrope walker with no net."
- Gabrielle Roth, Author of
Connections / The Five Threads of Intuitive Wisdom