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Small Mediums at Large

Library Journal Review

Library Journal
November 1, 2004
By Terry Iacuzzo

Renowned medium and Cosmo Girl! columnist Iacuzzo tells all in this surprisingly charming autobiography. Born in Buffalo, NY, to a family of Italian psychics, she explores the realities of growing up in a dysfunctional household.

Her emotionally unavailable mother, Mary, thrives on predicting the perils of her neighbors' on predicting the perils of her neighbors' relationships, while her father, Andy, entertains his friends by successfully forecasting winners in horse races. Then there are her sister, Rosemary, who terrifies acquaintances by predicting catastrophes, and her brother, Frank, who amuses the other children with feats of psychic prowess. When Frank departs for the metropolitan thrills of Manhattan in the 1960s, Terry is close behind.

Much of the book chronicles Terry's struggle with drugs and insecurity, along with her quest for a spiritual calling in bohemian New York City.

Comparable to HBO's Six Feet Under, this work offers its own insights into dysfunctionality and recovery.

Recommended for large public libraries with books like Maryrose Occhino's Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium and Jess Stearn's Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet.