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Small Mediums at Large

Booklist Review

December 2004

Iacuzzo, a well-known psychic with a high-profile (albeit secret) client list, writes engagingly about growing up psychic in a family where almost everyone was seeing ghosts or tuning in to what was coming next. Raised in Buffalo in a Sicilian family as dramatic as it was psychic, Terry idolized her older brother, Frank, who became a prominent psychic in New York while Terry was still dropping acid and trying to find the maternal love that had eluded her. The brother-sister relationship eventually turned sour, however, and Terry spends much of her memoir alternately describing the admiration she felt for her brother and listing her grievances against him. Terry's own psychic abilities open the story and end it, but the book's focus is on the author's personal journey (filled with drugs, sexual experimentation, and a host of psychics and spiritualists, many of whom seem more malevolent than mystical). Although most readers will be attracted by the word psychic in the title, it's the family dynamics that drive the story. This gang would be plenty interesting without the extrasensory veneer.
Ilene Cooper

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