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Small Mediums at Large

The True Tale of a Family of Psychics

Take one part Alice in Wonderland, two quarts Federico Fellini, throw in a dash of Being John Malkovich and you have the beginnings of the story of my life. Born on Halloween in 1948, I found myself in Buffalo, N.Y. in a working class Sicilian-American family amidst a mother, father, brother and sister all having visions, prophetic dreams and a mad sense of humor. Small Mediums at Large tells this story

"Psychic."  Such a mystifying label for a natural feeling contained in a vision. It's hard to imagine a time when this word wasn't part of our vocabularies. But when I was a child watching my father giving infallible betting tips to his restaurant customers and listening to my mother at the kitchen table telling the neighbors the outcome of their next big drama, we didn't know that's what it was called. My brother, sister and I played fake seance in the cellar terrifying our playmates with real messages and spent the long Buffalo winters perfecting our abilities by making the snow fall harder using the powers of our minds.

As a young girl in the 60s I traveled through Greenwich Village and at the dawn of the 70s through psychedelics, exploring my sexuality, my desire for love, and my passion to unravel the complexities of who I am. I sought out mystics, mediums and seances to find my place in the world of the paranormal, and finally arrived at my small apartment in Little Italy where thousands of people from all over the world climb six flights of stairs to consult with me. They come looking for direction, for the names of future loves, for the roots of their anguish, and for the meanings of their lives. With all my senses and my heart wide open I navigate through the past, present and future to help them understand their possibilities and the consequences of their choices.

Every reading I have done has required me to step out of the way of my own life and seep into the lives of others. In an instant I see an image, scan my body and feelings, ask myself where I am and then interpret all of this to the client. In Small Mediums at Large I savor the texture of this process and take you through all the adventures my insatiable curiosity has drawn me into. From the poignant to the zany, this is a world where meaning unfolds from every detail I perceive.

--Terry Iacuzzo